Black man luxury at its finest. Get with it or get lost!

All at the affordable price of $154.00. Mind you it cost me about $153.00 to make it. Yikes. Why am I doing this? Because I believe in it! 🔥😍 So support is appreciated. Feedback is encouraged. Let’s get it. The quality is top notch. This is my brands first product. We are so excited. Let’s go!

Or you can dress them casual /business casual like so...

Introductory Blog entry: 11/13/18

“My brand, my birthday, and all these tings. “

These 8012brand shoes are the shoes that will take over the black man luxury niche. I’ve worked hard on these, not for personal gratification but for customer appreciation. These shoes embody the black man professional/luxury. I’m not really an artist or an artistic person, actually I kinda am lol BUT, I can recommend and recognize when something is monumental! I got that sixth sense! Just, like how Thomas Edison created the light bulb but Nicola Tesla discovered electricity is exactly how I see this! It’s innovative, fun, swaggy, and so faresh!
You can wear them in any fashion.
You can dress them down like so:

And my favorite ... you can style it in luxury casual...